11 March 2009

#56-63 Last Chemo

How lucky are we? We were here to celebrate Kai's third birthday!

Don't Worry....Be Happy.....Grandpa will fix it! Have drill, will travel, that's his motto!

You've heard of Lunchables? Well, there are the Lovables!

Building together with Legos.

Some lovin' from Mom.

Zoe had a play day with her friend in the park.

Danette's last shave - now starts detoxing and her hair will start growing again!

Looks like the turkeys followed us from Oregon to the city!

1 comment:

Meg said...

Lovables! I guess! Give them a little love from me too. Hooray Hooray Hooray. The chemo is over and peace will rule the planet!!!!(Just a little 60's joy there).

Soak up every bit of grand time. I love you and your family!!! Time to go...I'm dancin my way to tomorrow and beyond. Celebrating with you.