18 March 2009

#77 Not a New Thrift Store?

No, I'm not opening a thrift store. This is my work space. I was taking inventory of all our thrift store purchases from last year for our 2nd Annual Thrifty Fashion Show and Tea. The students purchase outfits from a local thrift store for the least price, model it at our show as the audience enjoys tea and cookies. The tables are set with items purchased at thrift shops!

A local shop donates plants for us to put into the tea pots/pitchers for center pieces, businesses sponsor tables so little advertisements are at each place, kids decorate placemats and the show is on!


Amy said...

Wow....I remember you telling me about this before. I think it sounds like so much fun!

Sandee said...

OMG...does this mean I've been doing this blog thing for over a year? ! This show was so much fun. We made money and weren't even trying to do so. This year it WILL be a fun-raiser for certain.

Tammy Townsend said...

I agree with Amy....sounds like a lot of fun, to bad we don't all live closer and we could ALL go.