24 March 2009

#79-83 Trip to WA

We hadn't been back "home" to see Mom in ages....so long that it was an actual shock to see her old 5 acre farm, house and barn are now ready for new homes. Knowing she sold to a developer and actually seeing the barn and house gone were two different things.

No sooner had we unloaded the car when Mom was fixing dinner. I walked away for a minute and returned to the kitchen to see Jack at the sink helping Mom out.

Jack wired some lights in for Mom's hall closet and pantry. She can now see what she is digging for!

Part of our visit was spent putting this dang puzzle together. It was a "Clue" mystery puzzle. We read a story and had no photo to guide us through the puzzle. A fun place for family to gather.

Ina and I decided that we are twins because we feel so close. Of course, I was born first... like 4 years before her!

Saying good-bye to Ina is always hard for me. She is so loving that she just uplifts my spirit. This is her cute blue mini.

On our drive home, I saw this Lamborghini and just had to take the photo. We don't see these too often.
All in all, it was a great visit. Short, but wonderful. We got to see all my brothers and their wives...only one missing in action, my bil, Warren. Who just so happens to be in Oregon right now on his way north in his little red mini.


Woen said...

Nope. Not in Oregon yet. Still In CA. In Santa Rosa in fact. The Best Western Garden Inn.

Tammy Townsend said...

Love, love, love all of your pictures....can't wait til the middle of next month when we take our trip to Williamsport, PA...

Especially love the puzzle! I so miss doing those.