25 December 2010

Christmas Walk

I can not believe the weather. I went for a walk to feed the horse and snap some photos. I ended up with no jacket, short sleeves no less! It almost reached 60° here today. I now have a fire started as it has begun to rain and Jack is on the couch bundled up but still chilled.
Speaking of sick...my cat is still at the vet. I have a feeling I may have to turn over my January paycheck as well! All this from a woman who's parting words as she was driving to the vet's were, "I won't let them do any spendy tests or keep him."
Uh huh.....that didn't last long. I just went along with x-rays, blood work, hydration and parking him for a few days! I must be nutz.
so....on with my walk:

What you cannot see is the patches of blue sky through the clouds.

1 comment:

Amy said...

Wow....you've got 60 degrees & we've got snow coming down! Hope you enjoyed your day!! Sure wish you could've joined us all at Maw's house this evening. It was a blast.....a little mini-reunion!