27 December 2010

Happy Cat

I don't know who is happier; Hook or me. I called the vet yesterday morning and said I wanted to come and get him and take him home. They agreed because they couldn't get him to eat after all this time!
OMG! I was so excited, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning. He had an infection and was dehydrated. No broken bones so I don't know why he couldn't use his foot. OH well. He meowed all the way home.
After sitting on my lap for 15 minutes getting all the lovin' he could soak up, he jumped down and went right to his food. Now I just have to finish up the meds... three pills a day which he doesn't like to take. I'm happy that he is feeling better so I'll get them down him. He does not like people food or wet food....just Iam's dry cat food. That means the pills have to be placed in his mouth and held there until they dissolve or until he swallows them.


Amy said...

Such a pretty boy!!

Terrie said...

Oh, sweet boy, smart pose. Wish you healthy !