18 December 2010

Snuggled Down and In

I left work early Thursday feeling very sick. I think I have a touch of the flu and a bad cold. I'm just so tired. I can get off the couch for awhile then I have to go right back and cuddle under the blankets. I couldn't get warm either.
Jack built a great fire, the house was 79° inside and the temp outside only got to 39°. He couldn't be in the living room with me because it was so hot. Then I was under blankets to boot! I slept most of the afternoon and evening and night.
Yesterday, he made chicken rice soup in the crock pot so I would get well! Bless his heart.
He stoked the fire and left me alone all day again.
Whatever I did to deserve this man, I'm glad I did it!
Now I'm back to the couch.


Amy said...

Bless your heart....praying that you feel better real soon! So glad Jack is taking good care of you. ;-)

patches said...

Sorry to hear you are sick. Hope you are better real soon. I want some chicken soup!!!

Kate Wille said...

Love this pic Sandee! Get well soon!

Terrie said...

Wish you getting well now my dear. We've a Chinese saying " Little illness is a blessing". The fireplace warms your heart.