12 December 2010

Something Missing

Jack is at it again. He ripped out the cupboard above our fridge to cut it down and get ready for our new fridge which will arrive the end of this month. Appliances are all so much bigger than they were back 20 years ago when we bought ours. I guess bigger means better. It certainly means "expensive"!
We had to stick with a narrower one because of our built in area being only so wide. The one Jack liked is narrower but taller.
When we tried pulling the cabinet out, it was wedged in so tightly, screws weren't even needed to hold it up! That is how Jack builds everything.....sturdy and measured to the 64th of an inch! Seriously. I have a hard time seeing the 1/8 measurement on the tape and he measures to 64ths. Help me!
Anyway, you can see he had to plane away some of the wall when he installed the cabinet originally. So we'll paint the wall and he will shorten the cabinet.
(And yes, I'm up before 4:00 again on a day off. Jack got a leg cramp and yelled out and he scared me so much, I screamed and jumped. That did it. From dreamland to wide awake. There is no going back to sleep once I'm awakened so completely!)

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Amy said...

LOL.....sorry you got woke up so early.....sounds just like me....Clay's alarm can go off....wake me up....and he continues to snooze.....I just don't see how he does it. Like you said, once I'm awake....I'm awake!