04 December 2010

His and Her Projects

Jack and I are always busy with one project or another. Of course, his are much more major than mine, but nonetheless rewarding.
 This is the dry run for the railing along our retaining wall. Jack did the rock work a few years ago. This completes the project once it is powder coated and anchored down.
A Christmas market bag for co-worker, BFF Eileen. She has just about worn out the one I made for her this Spring and she loves the Christmas holiday!


Amy said...

OMG.....I LOVE that bag. I need a big one like that to put my latest yarn/crochet project in. Jack's wall/rail is pretty snazzy too.....just doesn't excite me quite as much as the tote bag. ;-)

Terrie said...

Such a big railing project! The bag is wonderful with the feel of Christmas green. Wow, nice and practical. Love it.