19 December 2010

That's a Wrap!

Okay...gifts are all wrapped. Thanks to Jack and his love for the internet to find just about anything, the shopping got done and delivered in time to be wrapped.
Those of you who know me, know for CERTAIN that I have no throw-away wrapping paper.... It's only recycle....re-use for me!!! Fabric leftovers. These bags can be re-used every year. Some of them have been around for a long time already! The girls don't want to hang onto anything so they give me back the bags! Oh dear. Maybe next year, they will be such cute bags they won't WANT to give them back to me.

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Amy said...

OMG....these are just so stinkin' cute. I would most definitely save & reuse mine!! We do that with our store bought gift bags......now don't fuss....we save & reuse them, of course. There was one that we had to retire....not even sure who bought it in the beginning....but is was blue striped with blue fringy stuff around the top & all the kids LOVED it. It got passed through Sarah's kids, my kids, Ella's kids & even to maw a time or two. It finally split down the side & I used duct tape on it, just to keep it going until if finally just totally gave up the ghost. So, anyways.....it was fun seeing who would get/give the 'Traveling Bag' next. *sigh* Sweet little memories!