09 December 2010

A Very Purple Bag

Okay....so I gave my Christmas bag to my BFF, Eileen, and another co-worker asked where her bag was. I told her it was on my cutting table. I noticed she jumped all over one piece of fabric in Eileen's bag that had tiny purple circles in it. I figured she must be drawn to purple so here it is.....
I know what you are thinking right about now: "Just how many bags of the same pattern can one person make anyway?" Well....it's somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 bags right about now and I haven't sold one of them. All gifts!
I just love the idea of a nice market bag so we don't use so many plastic bags and fill up the landfill for generations to come! I think us shoppers all deserve a few of these bags!
I'm making myself another one right now too. I discovered I don't own one in black!
or yellow
or brown
or orange


Terrie said...

Love the patchwork, love the purple and love your idea of cloth bags. I'm really into bag making now after reading your blog. Going to make a double-sided one.

Amy said...

Very pretty!!

Susan Brubaker Knapp said...

Hi, Sandee,
You won the Eazy Peazy Cell Phone Caddy pattern on my blog! If you e-mail me your address, I'll get it in the mail to you next week. Thanks so much for reading my blog. :-)


Terrie said...

Hello Sandee, thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I was in a hurry to post it. I just updated it with the link of your bag which inspired me to do it. I found I missed to read your recent posts. They're fantastic.