22 December 2010

In All My Glory

I went to upload a photo to post of the Barbie Doll clothes I just made for Zoe when I discovered a photo Jack had taken of me. I don't think this is fair play to photograph someone who is sick and just trying to take a nap on the couch.
I figure...what the heck...I might as well share with you....so here I am in all my glory....it's as good as it gets, folks.
 I deleted a closeup view of my pudgie cheeks sticking out over the covers. Jack's one saving grace is that he didn't take a video so no one can hear me snoring!

This is the pic I intended to post. The gold fabric is the same as one of Zoe's dresses. These were kind of fun to make, I might just give a hand at a few more.
I do feel a bit better today. Perhaps we'll be on the southbound road during my vacation afterall!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Such adorable Barbie clothes! I know she'll love them!! Glad you're feeling better....chris is sick now...bad sore throat. I'm trying to Dr. him with salt water gargles, hot chamomille tea with honey & lemon,etc.