02 December 2010

Elk Alert!

The elk have been across the road for over a week now. They share the field with cattle. Well, the cattle move as far away as they can get, I've noticed. If I have my camera and walk to the mailbox, I can't see the elk - but dang sure if I don't have my camera...there they are, just across the road from me.
Afterwork yesterday, there they were by the road again. I decided to drive home and get the camera. By the time I got back and parked safely, they had been scared off by so many folks stopping along the road. They were still close so I got some photos. Well....other than it was raining and the photos look grainy...
I got an amazing video of two young guys locking antlers and tossing their heads. You could hear their antlers make a cracking noise each time they banged heads.
We live in an amazing place. I look at other blogs and see that there is amazement everywhere! It's there to be appreciated if we only take the time.


Terrie said...

Wow. just like a safari !

soggibottom said...

We have never seen a moose tip trotting along our stream Sandee... we live in hope :-)x x x
Fantastic photo's X

Amy said...

Clay says he'll be right there! LOL