10 April 2010

Can She Bake a Cherry Pie, Charming Billie?

It's been ages since I've baked a cherry pie and I wondered if I could still do it. Well, I baked one and it sure is strange looking. Not picture perfect by any means...my dough is so soft and fragile because I use butter and not lard or shortening and I use whole wheat flour. The test will certainly be in the tasting. Mmmm, that comes tonight after dinner. We are having company. I wanted to thank my neighbor for burying Buckshot and this is part of his thank you. If it doesn't taste okay, we will at least have ice cream!
(oooOOoo, let's hope I didn't put any of that garlic in the pie...)


soggibottom said...

Looks good from here :-)
x x x

Terrie said...

Looks yummy yummy !!