11 April 2010

Sherried Mushroom Chicken Scaloppine

My chef, Jacques!
His masterpiece is from a Sunset Magazine recipe.

Okay, so my pie lattice work was crooked and non-uniform; but Jack's chicken scaloppine was breathless. (I tell you, gals, if you want your partner to cook, put your kitchen on strike for as long as it takes...in our case, it was one year!) Voila! I have my very own chef. (No wonder we RARELY eat in a restaurant!)
I made the asparagus and it too was delicious. My pie was tasty but it did crumble as we served it. I must have needed more flour or something. Who knows?
To answer the burning question: Yes, I gained 3 pounds over this dinner! Guess I'll be hiking the hills today.


Terrie said...

Wow, mouth watering ! Mushroom and asparagus are my favourites.

Two Hands Caricaturist said...

Interesting blogging!