23 April 2010

OMg....How'd I do That???

Since I've been home all week, I thought I better get my row done on the recent Anties/Grandma Baby Quilt. (Chrystal is having a baby. I started a tradition where my 3 SILs, my sis and I make a row on a baby quilt then the one who is the Grandma puts it all together.) So Grandma Annette calls and tells me it will be in blues, dark browns and off white and she would send a color sample. My problem was I was going into town the next day. I chanced it and bought some fabrics, making mine more aqua than blue. Color swatches arrived and I had chosen perfectly!
Then I chose the pattern so that's what I did this week while I was being nurse maid to Jack. Check out how close I got to having enough background fabric. I was sweating it right down to the very last piece! Paper piecing takes more fabric than one would think and it's hard to estimate just how much you will use.

The row actually has 5 blocks and will look something like this. (The blocks are not sewn together yet.)

So my blocks are in the mail today!!


Meg said...

I love your row. This is going to be a fun quilt. Nice to have an unexpected bit of time. My row used all of the background too. if it had been six squares, I wouldn't have made it. Love Yours! Love Meg


Looks great!!