16 April 2010

Carry me Away

Jack and I had to go into town today. I had two doctors' appointments and tons of errands to run. I manged to make my first doctor then promptly forgot all about going to see the second doc! Hey, that's WHY I went to town in the first place! Unreal. Absolutely unreal.
I just get so carried away.
I think the older I get; the shorter my attention span becomes. Am I reverting back to my childhood already? Heaven help me, if I am! (Although, I did save a lot of my old paper dolls...)
'pretty pathetic, isn't it?
I sat in the car while Jack roamed the hardware store and these balloons caught my eye. I feel like these balloons sometimes. Floating along on the wind yet somehow, I'm still tethered to Earth. You wouldn't know it by today's actions, but tethered I am! For awhile anyway.

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