18 April 2010

Tightwad or Stupid?

Confession time: 20 years ago, when Danette went off to college, she packed everything she could fit into her Mustang. She gave a ton of stuff away and tossed stuff too. One of the items she tossed was the brown eyeshadow you see at the top. I snagged it out of the bathroom trash and have used it for 20 years.
Something made me look at it and decide it is time to get new eye shadow. I do have a green eye shadow too that I bought when Kari got married 15½ years ago! OMG. What is the matter with me anyway?
One thing is for sure, at the rate that I use makeup, I'll have this new eyeshadow until I die. And look at all those colors! They were even sold according to eye color so these were for green eyes.

1 comment:

Amy said...

OMG....this is too funny! That top eye shadow looks like some that Maw has in her make-up basket!