24 April 2010

Literature of a Patient

I can't help but giggle when I see what Jack is reading these days. He has finished all his WWII and WWI books and started on these. He has tagged several recipes from the cookbook which Joseph gave him and tries his best to read the instructions to me. (What?! I want to learn how to make a roux while I'm putting his socks on his feet? NOT!)
There is a plan rolling around in my brain... or should I say there is a plan afoot! (haha)
I am going to sit with Jack, (okay, I'll sit and he will stand), and organize our combined recipes that we have saved. Then we shall have a challenge going - we won't make the same thing twice in one year. And yes, I can post our progress.
Years ago, to prove a point to all my meat-eating friends, I made a different vegetarian meal for dinner every night for one year. Of course, this was before they perfected a lot of the tofu, soy products, etc. and recipes were a bit harder to locate. Kari and Danette accused me of feeding them dog food on several occasions, but they lived to tell about it!
I'll let y'all know what Jack thinks of my idea.

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