30 April 2010

Getting on my bad side with my bad side?

So here I am, helping Jack and waiting on him and doing his chores and what does he do? He gets the camera and takes these lovely photos of me working in my p.j.'s!! He needed something out of our coat closet which led to me purging the closet! .. he thinks I sit funny - - I think I sit just fine...hey at least I can sit and he can't these days!!
I'd chase him out of the house with a broom if he could only run.
(He starts physical therapy tomorrow but meanwhile, he gets up to walk around the house a bit then the pain gets so bad, he heads back to bed.)

1 comment:

Amy said...

OMG......You go, Jack! I LOVE that bottom photo! I don't know if I can still sit like that, but I used to. And all my kiddos can sit like that too. What's so weird about it anyway?