09 October 2010

Day Out

I won two gift certificates last year: one to a health spa in Ashland and another to some bath gardens and tea house in Ashland. Since Jack's back hurts him all the time, I gave him the spa certificate so he could have a hot tub soak and a deep tissue massage. Yesterday was our day to cash in!

This is where Jack went, across from the historic Ashland Hotel.

 This is where I went, mixed in with a residential area. The inside was more impressive than the outside, same with the spa Jack went to. Very classy.

The leaves are changing and I love the contrast of the vibrant green and the burnt oranges.

My time was supposed to be 90 minutes. I entered, got the tour and started in the showers, then the steam room. I stood at the door inside the steam room for what seemed like ages before I could see that there was a bench to sit on. Just like in the movies! So I sat. I loved the steam. It made my skin feel wonderful. Me, with my dry, dry skin. I had my hair twisted up in a clip but I could still feel it curling from the steam!
I then went outdoors to the serenity pool. It was so nice. A huge orange sail canopy stretched overhead, a beautiful rock waterfall took one corner, bamboo and other plants were scattered around and the pool was of a natural stone. The water was hot, but not boiling hot, I darted across from one side to the other. Then I saw the jets. They were all around the pool. I turned them on for a few minutes and turned them off again. I just enjoyed playing in the water alone.
Later, another woman arrived and I felt I should sit still and relax and be serene. Well, I don't need to tell you how long that lasted. I twirled my feet and hands in the water until I had to get out.
I looked at the dry sauna and decided I couldn't take that heat. There was a cooling pool and one toe-test told me to give that up!
So I just headed back to the showers, got dressed and walked the town!
I managed a full 35 minutes in the baths. The good thing is that it felt like 90 minutes, I was totally relaxed of mind and ready for the world!
Jack arrived an hour later and I talked him into eating lunch in Ashland.
Afterwards, we did some marketing and then toured a huge bath, kitchen and lighting warehouse! We plan on some remodeling projects and we wanted ideas.
Ideas?! Oh my gosh....way too many choices! But it was fun seeing what is out there.
We were home by 4:00.... in time to take down the laundry by the light of the sun!
Great Day!!!

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Terrie said...

So you've a pampered day and light !! The autumn color is stunning and crispy.