28 October 2010

I Must be Older Than I Think....

I am filling in for my co-worker at school who is an aid for all the P.E. classes. So I was in the girls' locker room and commented on one of the girl's hair. I asked her if she had ironed her hair on the ironing board. She said, "What's an ironing board?"
None of the girls next to her knew what an ironing board was either. When I told them it's for ironing clothes they just looked at me like I was some kind of alien.
So what? No one irons any more?
Am I really that old?
Today I think I'll take a survey to see how many even own an iron!
(That's fabric hanging on the wall....trying to select what I need for a quilt.)


Amy said...

Actually, I went forever without one.....who has time to iron for 5 kiddos, right?! But I bought one for Clay last year for his BD....hey he's the one who had been asking for one. ;-) Anyways....since then 'I'M' the one who has used the heck out of it! LOL But....I don't have an ironing board anymore.....I just iron what I want on the bed. And Clay just kept insisting that Chris needed an iron when he headed off to college & Chris just rolled his eyes at him. We both tried to tell him that no one irons anymore & it so happens that Chris was right. Clay is remembering the days at Liberty when he had to wear dress slacks, dress shirt & TIE.

soggibottom said...

Your not old Sandee, they just need more education :-)xxx