19 October 2010

Give 'em an Inch....They'll Take a Mile

I discovered one of the trees Jack cut down....I counted the rings and it was at least 140 years old! Some of the rings are so tight together, it was hard to count them.

Honestly, that guy was supposed to cut three dead trees down.....check out what I found near the "two" he cut down......yup, that's six fresh tree stumps! Evidently they "were in the way" and just had to come down. This is one area where we tend to argue more than on anything else at all. I HATE it when he cuts trees down.

Okay, I'm going to go cry in my beer.....


Terrie said...

Trees are lives. Seeing a tree dying is sad. It takes long long time to grow.

Sandee said...

This old tree was dying and needed to be cut down. We have beetles that attack sick trees and will then kill an entire forest. It needed a clear path to fall so the others had to come down too. (Much to my dismay.) We always plant new trees after trees have been cut down.