25 October 2010

Desperate for Coffee!

Murphy's Law #2576: The day you set your alarm early to get more work done before work is the day the electricity goes out!
Sure enough, in the middle of my 5:00 a.m. shower, it all went dark! I got out my light sources and started cleaning my sewing/craft room anyway!

Then an urge for coffee kicked in. Luckily, one pot of coffee lasts me three days; I merely reheat it in the microwave. I got desperate and heated it over my candles. (Hey...it worked!! .. a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!)

I got to work and power was out there too. Why they didn't cancel school, I'll never know. Kids were stumbling around in the dark, no bathrooms, no running water, kitchen was pitch black so no breakfast, no fire alarms because they are all powered by electricity, no phones...well land lines. We couldn't call out and folks couldn't call in.
After two hours of this, kids were able to whip out their cell phones and call parents. Buses were ordered and kids were sent home. We should have just had a two hour delay to the day but hey.... I'm not the one in charge so I stumbled through the black hallways just like the kids!
So I've been re-gifted some time and I'm going to go put it to good use right this very minute!


Amy said...

OMG....you are cracking me up with the coffee...too funny!

soggibottom said...

5 A.M....... !
What hour of the morning its that?
You need a medal for getting up so early

Sandee said...

Yup....05:00 and I was still running around this morning like a crazy woman. I am very, VERY active in the mornings and today was quite productive! Maybe Jack is right and I'll have to move the alarm back to 04:30. We'll see.
I want to study French and the wee hours may be good for that.