04 October 2010


I took Friday off and Jack and I joined Mom, Sis and bil in Portland. What a grand time!

The murals on sides of buildings always draw me in.

This used to be our favorite breakfast spot but it has changed to an art gallery now. The doorway certainly is inviting for art lovers.

Mom always had a hand to hold.

We headed to the Saturday Market along the river. It had expanded so much we couldn't take it all in.

We did find time to chat with this sweet clown.

And now I'm wondering which one is REALLY the clown?
This was taken at The Spoonman's booth. It is a favorite of ours every time we visit the market. I managed to drop $44 on rings. They make me happy for some reason. They just feel good on my fingers.

On our trip to CA last weekend, I took photos of the wind machines in the hills. I couldn't believe it when I found them on top of skyscrapers downtown Portland! What a great way to generate power. One building had huge rain catching containers....as large as a building itself. The water must have been used for the building as it was an apartment complex. I think folks are getting smarter about using resources.

And this.....is a used book store that takes a complete city block! Powell's Used Books. Not to mention they have other speciality book stores in the neighborhood because they don't all fit in this one building. I love to get lost here.

This is a shot of a partial row. And the smell of books... nothing quite like it.

And what would a trip be without a photo of the group?!
We will be back! There is so much to see and do, we can't squeeze it all into one short weekend, besides, sisters cannot be apart from one another too long.


soggibottom said...

Thanks for taking your camera with you Sandee. I love to see it all.
Looks as if the spoon stall is the place to be. Loved it :-) x x x

Danette said...

hey mom. wish i could've joined you!!! next time.
xoxo d