08 October 2010

It Would be a New Moon

And just where is the full moon when you need it? I got home from work yesterday and found out it's due to rain this evening. I hadn't done laundry in over a week because we were in Portland last weekend. Obviously, my laundry room was brimming with dirty clothes. I decided to wash and hang them out. Whatever doesn't get dry, I'll use my dryer (which smells like Caprisun juice!)
I have an energy efficient front loading washer. It may be good on the environment, but it takes FOREVER to wash a load. Three loads later, I'm in the dark! Actually, I could see just well enough to find my way back to the house.
I have today off from work as it is a teacher work day, so I'll check them when I get home from Ashland. (More about that later.)


soggibottom said...

Your laundry looks like it is bring some brightness to the dark at least :-)xxx
You need to get a washing. drying and ironing fairy. I haven't got one either, but it would be a good thought wouldn't it !
:-) xxx

Sandee said...

Those dog-gone fairies....don't they just do what they want to do and when? They ignore me completely!