14 October 2010

Yay, Chile!

I love it when the news is filled with good things happening like the miners in Chile all being saved. Everyone healthy. What a miracle from a tiny hole to drop a camera to one large enough to pull them all out.
It made me wonder if I could fit into that cylinder and make it to the top. Maybe I better start walking today since I've slacked off completely! Not that I plan on going down in any mine in the near future, but I'm in need of shedding some pounds.
I've also been reading a series of fiction books by J.A. Jance where the main character has a blog called "cutloose". She wrote about meaningful things and I just babble. (What else should I do at 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning...sleep?) Maybe I should look for a graveyard shift job since I'm walking the floors at night lately. My schedule is off kilter to say the least!
Well, I just wanted to sit here and see if I could say something meaningful....didn't happen so I'm going to go play an on-line puzzle until my alarm goes off!
Have a good one!

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Terrie said...

A joyful day for the families. The leader is terrific.