11 October 2010

Lumber Jack

Yes, I married a lumberjack named Jack! Little did I know when I gave him his Stihl chainsaw 30 years ago that he would enjoy cutting trees so much! Actually, his back is still hurting him so he got our neighbor to help cut three tricky trees. This one is called a "Widow Maker" because it was so dangerous to cut down.
One old tree was so big, I'm going to count the rings to see how old it was. I think too many years without enough rain is taking its toll on these trees.

In order to fall in the right direction, a wench was used as it fell. Then it ended up lodged in a big madrone. Bill had to cut pieces until it was then hanging straight up in the tree. It had to be pulled out with the help of a truck. A lot of work for one tree and every step was dangerous.
We will have a lot of firewood from these trees and it clears the woods from trees that the beetles attack. It keeps the forest healthy to remove the dead ones. I just wish there were an easier way to do it.
By the way, I figured the trees needed some rain so I washed my van yesterday afternoon. It rained.

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