10 April 2009

100 DAYS

100 days into 2009, and 100 days of posting photos...so what better way to celebrate than to post our school's new bleachers.
We received two sets, keeping them low to the ground so the school won't get sued if someone falls. They also can be moved around for other events besides Track or Football. The kids have been raising money for years and years to purchase new playground equipment. The middle school usually gets left out so we made sure they had their bleachers before the new playground got put together!
I baked cookies for the maintenance crew who put these together and hope to deliver them today. (Kind of a bribe to not forget us and to get going on the playground when the weather breaks.)
I smiled all day yesterday just thinking of these little bleachers. We finally have something to show after all these years!

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Amy said...

WooHoo.....100 days of pictures!! WTG!