28 April 2009

#118 - I told you I was frugal.

I had to part with a pair of shoes this weekend; I've had them for over 40 years. That's before I was married. OMG. I know I am frugal when I look at these. I was surprised to find they are too small on me; I wore them a couple weeks ago and didn't even notice that my feet have grown!
I went through my closet and looked at all the clothes I'll never squeeze into again and those that just hold good memories I guess. Why else would I hold onto them?
It is time to let loose of stuff in there. So I'll prepare myself mentally this week and make it a goal for the weekend. I'll have to come up with some rule like: if I haven't worn it in X amount of time, out it goes. (That will take care of most of the clothes for sure because I'm so fat just a few things fit.)


Amy said...

OMG....I had some penny loafers like these when I was in college.


I saw a thing on a good way to part with old clothes and shoes and such. Like you, many people (myself included) hold on to items purely for sentimental reasons. This lady took a picture of the stuff so she could still look at it and then got rid of it. This way she was able to still have the memories without all the clutter. I thought it was a great idea!!

Kate Wille said...

oh sandee, you're not fat!