05 April 2009

#95 Lone Turkey

For years, we have had this lone turkey hanging out in and around our field. ('not enough grass to call it a pasture). I was in a hurry coming home the other day when I saw her hanging out with the horses. I turned off the engine to my ole' van and watched for quite awhile; wondering why she is alone; what makes turkeys ostracise one of their own; is there something different about this turkey, etc. It has always made me sad to see this turkey all alone when there are flocks of 18-40 sharing the same turf.
Later I looked out from the kitchen and saw her again...(I think she's a hen). I need to give her a name....what do you think I should name her?


Norma said...

hi sandeewtents

Amy said...

My boys would call her 'Supper' LOL

Meg said...

How about Gwen? (Gwen the hen)
Just a thought. Me(g)