12 April 2009

#102 Dedicated To Mom

Today's blog is dedicated to my mom who reads our family's blogs every day and who met me in France for a month of my journey back in 2006.
I wanted to post from that trip because it is on my mind and in my heart every single day since I returned. It was a life changing experience for me.
I'm afraid I wasn't very nice to Mom. I had planned my trip off and on for 40 years and I had it so planned down to how much money I could spend each day and on what, etc. I stayed in some pretty raunchy "hotels", RARELY ate in restaurants - I'd buy something from a bakery and make it last a few days.
Mom wanted to share and buy lunch or dinner here or there and I refused to allow her to put into my carefully planned budget. If she paid for something, I'd write it down and I would pay her back before we went to bed. If I paid for something, she'd have to pay me back before she went to bed! We'd be counting out Euros on the bed trying to make change for each other. It would be funny if it weren't so horribly true. (sorry, Mom).
Anyway, this is one of those places where I should have allowed Mom to just treat me - to a tour of this incredible Arena in Arles....(where Van Gogh painted). But...No....not stubborn me. So I took photos of the outside while Mom sat on the steps and watched me. I don't know how you put up with me for over a month, Mom, but I do love you for it.


Norma said...

It was my pleasure and delight to travel with you. I have so many meaningful memories.
The challenges we met and conquered where many and vaaried. I'd join you on a trip any time or place.
We had to rely on each other. Something hard for 2 independent people. We did it.
We got involved with people in the places we styed. We saw things upclose and personal.
What we missed is fine, we'll do it next time

It was my pleasure and delight to be with you..Every day a surprise and an experience. A most memory building trip I have ever experienced.
I had to depend on you and you had to depend on me.
I had a taste of freedom. We did as we pleased, except when we made a boo boo and went where the train took us.
Thank you for wanting me to go part way with you. I'm ready to travel.

Tammy Townsend said...

Kudos to both of you! It kinda reminds me of my daughter and I, we butt heads so often! She's so much more mentally stronger than I am, which I'm grateful for, but also have trouble dealing with...But at least you two DO have these memories, and the idea of getting to do it all over again sounds wonderful!