24 April 2009

#114 Track Meet

I volunteered at my first track meet yesterday. I had been to one meet when our girls were in high school. I remember an ocean of kids and adults and several events happening at the same time and nothing too clear to focus on.
Well, we are a tiny school and we invited our neighboring schools...even smaller than ours to our event. Although the events did overlap each other, you could just gaze across the field and see the other events happening.
I ended up not being needed so I stood on the sidelines and took pictures and screamed for every kid who ran. I had access to the list so I could root for the other team members as well. It was great fun.
The girl jumping the hurdles is a homeschooled student who, along with her brother, takes part with all our sports.


Amy said...

That is so cool about the HS girl....that's neat that they can participate with y'all. My boys loved the couple of years they playd baseball!

Meg said...

I love track meets. I volunteer at the middle school. Usually I time runners. Ours is crowded because we are big and everyone gets nervous about keepin track of th right kid and stopping the watch as accurately as possible. There is still time to root them on though! Fun! Me(g)