11 April 2009

#101 Photo Walls

My travel wall. Ever since I went to France, I need a space to post my special travel photos. Small wall - many more photos than this to post....guess I'll put them on a rotation.

Grandkids art work is the best and deserves a step up from the front of my refrigerator so this is in the spot for now to showcase their talents.
Family wall - as the family expands, this wall gets fuller and fuller. What fun!


Norma said...

We love your walls! We tried to find our photo in your picture, but no luck! Mom and I are checking out your blog together. WE love you!!! What would you do if we sent you some art? You would need another wall--the mom and ina art wall. Just teasing. by the way that quilt is gorgeous!!!!!! mom and meg

Amy said...

LOVE your walls...especially the family wall!

Woen said...

Hey. I know those people kissing on the footbridge in Lyon.