06 April 2009

#96 - 18 Years Later

We've lived here 18 years and I still get excited when the deer come calling. I can't have flowers because of them, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to take. Deer are common in these parts. They are everywhere; if I'm not stopping for a deer to cross the road, I'm stopping for a flock of turkeys to cross! And I wait.....wearing a smile.


Amy said...

Oh, wow.....again, my hunting men would be having a fit seeing this!!

Meg said...

I'm with you sis! On the way to work I pull over to the side to watch a pheasant, a hawk, an eagle or maybe even a coyote. We've lived here 13 years and we still announce every eagle that flies by the house, making sure both of us see each flight. We stand and watch the flickers eating suet and the quail hunting for bugs. And the deer too. Each living beast and bird we share our space with is celebrated. They are a a gift.
Saw my first hummingbird today.
Love you. Me(g)