27 April 2009

#117 OUT OF THE WAY...Sandee's in the kitchen!

Company's coming and I'm in charge of dessert. I'm good a math, so just how many containers of cream does it take to make a whipped topping, (plus powdered sugar, gucci cocoa powder, and fresh orange peel and juice?) My math told me one but as you can tell, I was wrong...it took three until I finally got it right.
The recipe called for 1½ cups of heavy cream. We normally use 1% milk so to me "heavy" meant half and half. I was to beat it until it formed stiff peaks. It sounded like it would be fast so I got out my hand mixer. Minutes and minutes later...it was still liquid and mind you, the liquid was flying everywhere. There wasn't a piece of paper or an area on the island that wasn't coated in chocolate. I even placed a kitchen towel around the blender to prevent the splashing going on. Didn't work.
I'm a determined kind of gal so I bumped it up a notch....went to the heavy duty mixer and the whip attachment. When this didn't work and my arms looked like I was one big chocolate Easter treat, I picked up the phone and called for help. None of my real-cooks-friends were home. As I hung up the phone and was screaming out loud.....I realized that "heavy" did NOT mean weight. (I had held the cream in my hand at the market and thought, "Yup, this is heavy.") It must have meant "whipping" instead. So back to the market!
Of course, in a tiny town, you are bound to see someone you know at the market....well make that 5 someones, and I growled at all of them. And no, I hadn't washed my arms, my face, or apparently my glasses. I thought I had my sunglasses on in the market but when I took them off, I realized they were just coated in chocolate!
So here it is, Fudge Cappuccino Orange Torte. (Serves 20 so you know how rich it is.)

Well, what does the recipe know? We all made ourselves sick by eating more than one serving. Will I make it again? Nope. But I'll remember the flavors and enjoy my memories!
(Much less frustrating that way)


Norma said...

grams Hi
why did'nt you call mom?
Melissa was admitted to the hosital this am.
more later.

Sandee said...

Mom, dearest, I figured you were too gentle to handle my verbal rampages. Consider yourself spared!

Amy said...

OMG....Sandee, you are too funny!! You should've gotten someone to take a picture of YOU for your picture of the day! LOL

Sandee said...

Seriously, I thought about setting the camera up on auto-pilot, but never managed to do it.