04 April 2009

#94 Flat Stanley Visits

Flat Stanley is a flat doll who travels around the world to learn whatever he can. After each "foreign" visit, he is returned to the school from where he started his journey. Students send him as far away as they can and they share with their classmates what they have learned
after Stanley returns.
Flat Stanley has visited me twice. Yesterday, I took him to school with me. Today he is going to learn how to saddle up and ride a horse. I may just ride with him.


Tammy Townsend said...

OMG Sandee I had no idea that this would be your picture for the day....this really is a cool project, and I am so thankful that you're doing this for Garrett..Love it! Go Stanley! Go Stanley!

Sheri said...

This is wierd! One of the girls I work with brough her cousin's "Flat Stanly" so she could photograph it on our aligator! Do all schools do this or could these two kids be schoolmates? Her Flat Stanley looked exactly like yours except it was colored in.