20 April 2009

#110 If I Weren't So Gray, I'd Be Blonde

I've done some pretty ditzy things in my life - like taking our dog's heartworm medicine by mistake. (I thought it was my vitamin left on the counter.)
Yesterday was one of those days where my blonde was showing through the gray. I have this kitchen cleaner that I've had since 1987, (according to the label). It isn't made any longer so I dole it out sparingly. Well, I needed it - nothing else was working to clean my tile and grout.
So....I grab the "green liquid" and poured it out on the counters and scrubbed, rinsed, scrubbed some more. It wasn't working.
Of course, it wasn't working, I had layered Miracle-Gro on my counter tops!

(The Scratch Guard lid has even rotted off and fell inside the bottle...thus the baggie "lid".) Hey, I'm frugal, okay? I'm not even going to mention how old my makeup is; my loved ones would worry even more about me!


Danette said...

mom, you are certifiable! are your counters sprouting anything interesting? omg.

Amy said...


Meg said...

I'd write a comment, but I can't stop laughung! Me(g)