26 June 2010

Ahhhhh, Life is Good!

We enjoyed a quick visit from Danette and her family. Grandkids have a way of making me giggle. They enjoyed feeding the turtles every evening and checking in on the fairy-ring-tree for possible surprises from the fairies!
I would just love to close the gap between all our families but how do ya squeeze Washington, Oregon and California together?!


Amy said...

Hey don't forget VA......ya gotta squeeze VA in there too somehow!!

Those kids are just too,too cute! She definitely has your hair, Sandee.....love all y'all's curls!

Sandee said...

Yeah, some of us got the curls and some got the straight hair. Weird how that happens. The grayer I get, the straighter my hair becomes. Back in the 70's I had an Afro!

soggibottom said...

get SKYPE..
Kids are beautiful. Don't they look like you

Terrie said...

Kids are gorgeous. Always good to spend some time with the youngs and they'll remember the good old days with them.