16 June 2010

Embarrassing moment....

It's a good thing I can laugh at myself because the only other option in this story would have been for me to cry: Our middle school planned to go to the lake and waterslides for an end of the year field trip. I decided I needed a new more modestly cut swimming suit for this trip and found one of those two pieces with the boxer type shorts and the top hangs down way beyond my tummy. Quite nice, actually.
So Monday, I got up and the sky looked like it was going to rain. The weather was supposed to be in the 70's but I didn't like the looks of it. I decided to throw the bottoms of my suit into my beach bag in case it warmed up and I wanted to swim, and meanwhile I wore the top half and put some stretchy long pants on.
So I was on the grass area of the beach with three staff members talking, enjoying the day, etc. There were several kids in the water. I figured I might as well go swimming too.
I stood up, peeled my long pants off and headed for the beach. (yup.)
Anyway, I'm walking and my brain told me I should tighten the drawstring of my bottoms so I lifted up my top and saw my undies! I was so shocked I yelled out, "Oh s--- I'm in my underwear!" I ran back to get my bottoms and the other women were rolling in the grass laughing so hard! To my surprise, there were also two 6th grade boys sitting there with their eyes bugging out of their heads! (So much for my "modest" swim suit!)
I started laughing too and grabbed my swim suit bottoms and pulled them on over my undies. I looked at the boys and offered them $5 each not to say a word to anyone because it was just a stupid accident.
Yeah, well, that lasted as long as it took me to get into the water....which, by the way, was freezing cold and it didn't take me long to turn purple.
By the time we all went back to the picnic grounds for lunch, several folks were making funny remarks to me so the word had spread through our entire school. (small school)
It didn't end on Monday though. No.... I got into work on Tuesday and my computer desktop had been changed to a huge photo of "grannie undies"!
Then as the kids were leaving for the buses and it was the last day of school.... one of those 6th graders said good-bye to me. I told him to have a nice summer and he rubbed his hands saying, "Oh I will....I'm going to be thinking up ways of blackmailing you in September!"
I'm sure he will forget all about it by that time. (Either that or he has been scarred for life.)
Me? It's just another day in my life. Please note that I did not title this my MOST embarrassing moment because I have had worse!
I just wonder how old do I have to get to NOT have these moments?


soggibottom said...

We have many year of emabarrassing moments ahead of us yet I think :-) x x x
I have this worry of going anywhere in the Summer and find I have the back of my dress tucked in my knickers, I know I'm not alone here

Amy said...

OMG....Sandee, you're a HOOT! Thanks for my morning laugh!!!!!