03 June 2010

Mixed Emotions

He better wipe that grin off his face...he just took over my primary job as bread maker. (Notice I did not say bread "winner"!)

Yup, that is homemade pizza dough. Jack found the recipe on-line.

He really oiled the dough up! ;o)

It is even pretty on leftover night!
So I have mixed feelings - I'm delighted that Jack finds joy in cooking and now baking but I'm a bit sad that I'm not the only one who can bake bread or pizza dough in our household. (Does this mean I have to learn how to operate all his wood making tools? I certainly hope not!)
.. and actually, I'm glad that he has things to do while I'm away at work. Baking doesn't hurt his back until it has to go into the oven...then he lets me do the honors!

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Terrie said...

Happiness is to share. You both can make and share is great.