24 June 2010

"Our" Little Buck

Terrie, yes, the little fawns were in our "yard". I heard them squealing outside and saw them running around. I went in for my camera and they had caught up with their mom and left just as I got the camera running. This is a buck who visits us daily.
The bumps on his face are deer ticks. The deer are the reason why we don't have domestic flowers - they eat everything except herbs. I don't want any fences because the deer were here way before we ever built our house in the woods; so we plant herbs!


soggibottom said...

He is a handsome fellow.
Also pleased you sorted out your video's. :-)
They have cattle grids across house entrances on Dartmoor
I have heard roses are their favorite. x x x

Norma said...

You did great. The pictures were nice and clear. I will share these with Madison when she comes again.
Love Mom

Terrie said...

so admire you Sandee, you're living in such free nature.