08 June 2010

Arrrgh!! Jury Duty!

I hate jury duty and I swear, I get pulled for duty more than anyone I know. Why can't I have that kind of luck when I buy a raffle ticket for a prize I REALLY want to win?!
As I opened the envelope, I was all prepared to refuse duty because I have served within the past two years. Well, lo and beeehold, it is Federal Court and not our local county court. Dang it!
This is one heck of a way to start the summer....glued to home so I can line up for jury duty for who knows what crime. 'guess I'm about to find out.
I'll be spending Summer Solstice in the Federal Courthouse. Hey, that is a sacred day to me; I observe Summer and Winter Solstice. Do you think they'll let me off the hook now?

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soggibottom said...

Lady of my own heart.
No I think not..... :-) x x x