22 June 2010

Pond Life

I can't sleep....'been up since 1:00 a.m. My mind is racing and it is all about school next year! How dumb is that?! The bullfrogs are so loud, it sounds like they are right outside our door instead of way down the bottom of our hill! Those rascals. It just so happens that Jack and I took a walk to the pond and tossed out some old bread to the turtles. (Yes, he can walk but that's about it for now...thank goodness he can get outdoors a bit or he would be going crazy!)
It is surprising to us how much is growing in the pond this year and the water isn't clear like it normally is. All I know is you couldn't pay me to go wading in this muck. There are a bunch of bluegill fish, tons of polliwogs and we counted five turtles and an abundance of frogs.
Even though it is yucky, I enjoy being at the pond and watching all the action. The dragonflies are so much fun to watch darting around and eventually, the horse makes her way down to see what we are doing at "her" pond!


soggibottom said...

Don't have snappers, don't have bullfrogs. But we do have beautiful dragon and damsel's.... and I love frogs. Not into kissing them.
What a lovely way to spend a few hours, messing around by the water :-)
x x x

Terrie said...

Nice pond with tame creatures. Is it close to your house?