13 June 2010

First Butterfly Sighting

Okay, so it might not officially be a butterfly, it's possible it's a moth. Whatever the winged beauties are, they excite me each year when I see the first one(s). In this case there are three nearly identical ones at our lavender every day. They seem to tell me that summer is near and all is well... even if I do have jury duty in just 8 days!

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soggibottom said...

I'm sure that somewhere along our thinking, the butterfly means something :-)
Lavender is blooming this side too. Except the bushes in the front of the garden attract passers by who keep running their hands over them... I don't mind really as I watch and think what good taste they have :-) x x x Jury Service sounds interesting !
though pleased it isn't me :-) x x x