06 June 2010

Late Bloomers

I walked to the mailbox yesterday with my camera and found these wildflowers blooming like crazy. They are blooming 6-8 weeks later than usual this year due to our cold, damp weather.

Wild iris
Sticky geranium
Buttercups? At least, this is what I've always called them.Lupine

Blue Ceanothus (which is really purple) aka: wild lilac

White Ceanothus aka: wild lilac (blurry photo...sorry)

Indian Paintbrush

Heartleaf Arnica

I don't know what these are.
My favorite is already blossomed and the fruit is nearly ripe: the wild strawberry. This tiny berry packs more flavor than a 2" California strawberry. MMmmmmm.

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soggibottom said...

Love the photo's Sanddee.

It's a shame some never take the time to stop and really stare.

Cookie jar is under lock and key :-)
x x x